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Carbon Footprint Analysis


A Carbon Footprint analysis, sometimes referred to as a product greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment, is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that quantifies the carbon dioxide and other GHGs emitted by a product or process over its full life cycle. It is a useful tool to benchmark the current carbon footprint and identify the GHG “hot spots”– areas in the product’s life cycle where GHG emissions should be reduced and/or managed to address climate change issues. 


There are several ways a Carbon Footprint analysis can help your company or institution achieve its business and environmental goals:

Companies & Manufacturers


  • Showcase and differentiate products

  • Identify GHG “hot spots” to lower products’ and processes’ carbon footprints

  • Reduce bottom line by driving value chain efficiencies

  • Support climate change and Corporate Social Responsibility
    (CSR) initiatives

  • Differentiate products as
    “carbon neutral”

  • Participate in carbon offset projects





  • Evaluate green buildings and city infrastructure, transportation, and waste management options for addressing climate change

  • Participate in market-based programs and/or carbon offset projects

  • Support Carbon Footprint tools for the public, scientific community, and policymakers (e.g., GREET transportation tool and EPA Carbon Footprint Calculator)


Industry Associations


  • Support carbon reduction or offset programs within the industry

  • Establish target carbon footprint benchmarks for member companies

  • Demonstrate supply chain transparency within the industry


Four Elements brings LCA expertise and familiarity with the latest standards to conduct a rigorous, reliable carbon footprint analysis. 


Contact us now to learn more about how a carbon footprint analysis could help your business. 


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