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Being able to proficiently execute your own Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study or even skillfully interpret an LCA can be valuable. With over two decades of LCA experience, Four Elements offers training that can give your company a strong foundation of LCA understanding.   


Depending on your needs, our training will help your team accomplish the following:


  • Understand what LCA is and how it is used

  • Understand the basic requirements of the international standards covering LCA

  • Learn the main steps for completing an LCA

  • Understand different ways to look at a product system to appropriately define
    the system boundaries

  • Identify data needs and manage data quality

  • Interpret and communicate results

  • Understand comparisons using LCA

  • Learn about related disciplines, such as Carbon Footprinting

  • Learn which commercial LCA tool(s) will best fit your needs


Trust Four Elements to get you up to speed in this dynamic field. 


Contact us to learn more.

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