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What We Do

Four Elements offers services that help trade associations, companies of all sizes and industries, government agencies, and other consultancies find environmental and cost management solutions for their products and operations, which – directly or indirectly – will improve their efficiency and their bottom line.

An environmental LCA will help you understand the environmental impacts of your processes and products while identifying areas to improve. LCAs may help you understand financial and social issues as well. Learn more about LCA and how one performed by Four Elements could help your business.

A public document that transparently reports the life cycle impact of products, an EPD can help showcase a product’s environmental performance. Learn more about EPDs and how we could help with yours.

Carbon Footprint Analysis and Greenhouse Gas Accounting

Carbon footprint analysis evaluates the environmental burden of a product or service; GHG accounting identifies GHG “hot spots” to help set reduction goals. Learn more about carbon footprint and GHG inventory analyses and how we happily perform both.


Four Elements can provide the assurance that your LCA has successfully met its established goals and objectives. Learn more about peer review and how we could bring you some peace of mind.

With over 20 years of LCA experience, we offer training that can explain LCAs and how to interpret them. Learn more about how our training could bring greater understanding to your company.

Four Elements has been there for customers who needed an LCA or other life cycle service but didn’t have the time or expertise to handle it. Learn more about what we can do for you as a subcontractor.

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