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Greenhouse Gas Inventories


Scientific evidence suggests that greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted into the atmosphere contributes to climate change. GHG inventories quantify the carbon dioxide and other GHG emissions that a company, organization, or government is responsible for within its organizational boundaries. A GHG inventory provides the initial baseline measurements to enable organizations and governments to identify and manage their GHG “hot spots” and set reduction goals. Successive measurements track emissions trends and enable an organization to measure and report progress over time.  


There are several ways you can benefit from a GHG inventory analysis:

Companies & Manufacturers


  • Measure and report on GHG reduction goals

  • Reduce bottom line by identifying and reducing or managing GHG “hot spots” within your organization

  • Meet regulatory requirements such as the US EPA GHG reporting program and respond to stakeholder information requests

  • Support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives addressing climate change

  • Participate in market-based programs and/or carbon offset projects




  • Establish leadership with respect to climate issues

  • Create policies around GHG reduction strategies and initiatives

  • Benchmark GHGs to measure and report improvements

  • Stimulate growth through improved city and regional conditions

  • Participate in market-based programs and/or carbon offset projects


Four Elements performs organization-level GHG inventories using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol developed by World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), and we also prepare them for verification.


With a proven track record of GHG inventories that withstand the scrutiny of verification, we will work with you to understand your organization’s unique structure and situation for your GHG inventory.


Contact us now to learn more on how a GHG inventory analysis may help you achieve your goals.


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