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Carbon Footprint Project Examples



Carbon Footprint Analyses


  • Distilled Beverages
    Carbon footprint analyses were performed on four organic beverage lines produced by Greenbar Craft Distillery.  For every bottle of spirits sold, Greenbar Craft Distillery plants a tree through Sustainable Harvest International.  The results of the Carbon Footprint analyses were used to quantify the net carbon footprints of the beverages when offset by the planted trees. The study was performed to meet Greenbar’s Corporate Social Responsibility goals. See example (note, confidential parts of the report have been removed).
    C Footprint - Modern Spirits beverages


  • Flooring Products
    Carbon footprint analyses were performed on eight flooring products for Tandus Centiva, a Tarkett Company. These third-party verified analyses quantified the necessary carbon dioxide offsets needed for Tandus Centiva to offer certified carbon-free products to its customers.




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